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About David Sless

David was awarded an MSc by Durham University for his research in communication and information design. In 1976 he became the Foundation Chairman of Standards Australiaʼs Committee on Signs and Symbols, and in 1985 was invited by Industry and Government to set up the not-for-profit Communication Research Institute. He was Foundation Director of the Advanced Studies Program at the International Institute of Information Design, Adjunct Professor in Science Communication at the Australian National University, Adjunct Professor of Information Design at the University of Technology in Sydney, and Visiting Professor of Information Design at the Design Institute at Coventry University. He is a frequently invited speaker at international conferences in NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia, and has authored over 200 publications.

Welcome plain language!

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We welcome plain language’s recently proposed changes.Clarity 79 2018 Many of you will know that I have been a long-standing persistent (and sometimes irritating) critic of routine […]

The problem with ‘attitude’

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In our experience, conventional views of what communication is about and how it works offer little practical guidance on how to create useful communication artifacts. This article is a […]

Bad practice medicine information

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As part of its recent changes to medicine labelling regulation, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian Medicines Regulator, changed the requirements for over the counter (OTC) medications. These are […]

Information superhighway

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editor’s note
In 1994 in Australia, when this paper was first published, there was much hype in the media about the ‘information superhighway’. Shortly afterwards, half the country was wired […]

Forms of Control

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Forms are instruments of control used by organisations to control people. This important paper lifts the lid on the politics of forms in large organisations and the many conflicts and […]

Best practice it is!

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Yes, best practice it is! Reluctantly and regrettably I have relented. I don’t like the term best practice, for reasons I explained in an earlier blog on the subject […]

Google – The Paradigm Police

On 1 April 2020, the International Commission on Naughtiness (ICON) took Google Inc. to the World Trade Court on a potential breach of the Usability Services Exchange Regulations (USER). This is deeply ironic.

Plain Language Lies

Plain Language lies, like other lies, are a routine part of life. Today bankers and financial advisers have discovered that people are easily seduced into believing they can understand plain language even when they don’t.

Communication Benchmarks

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What are Communication Benchmarks?

  • measures of the communication practices used by business and government in their communication with the public
  • quantified data on the number and types of faults in […]

Quality medicine information design

With the support of our Donors, Members, and Volunteers from around the world, we are developing  new international guidelines and model templates for consumer medicine information and labelling. Join us.

CMI: the challenge ahead

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Picture this. You are given just a few days notice. You fly to Sydney for yet another Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) meeting. You meet with 30 other delegates in […]

Media magic

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Editor’s note: Despite our changing media landscape, some beliefs endure. Originally published in Media Information Australia 48 (1988): 22–24.

Our society may have its superstitions—there is always the crank […]

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