About David Sless

David was awarded an MSc by Durham University for his research in communication and information design. In 1976 he became the Foundation Chairman of Standards Australiaʼs Committee on Signs and Symbols, and in 1985 was invited by Industry and Government to set up the not-for-profit Communication Research Institute. He was Foundation Director of the Advanced Studies Program at the International Institute of Information Design, Adjunct Professor in Science Communication at the Australian National University, Adjunct Professor of Information Design at the University of Technology in Sydney, and Visiting Professor of Information Design at the Design Institute at Coventry University. He is a frequently invited speaker at international conferences in NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia, and has authored over 200 publications.

Designing forms in large organisations

Form design in large organisations involves crafts at the micro level of document design, the customer experience level, and the management and politics level in an organisation. This seminal 1994 paper traverses all these levels. Below is a lightly edited version of the published paper. It also incorporates some content not available in the print version.

Plain Language Lies

Plain Language lies, like other lies, are a routine part of life. Today bankers and financial advisers have discovered that people are easily seduced into believing they can understand plain language even when they don’t.

Quality medicine information design

With the support of our Donors, Members, and Volunteers from around the world, we are developing  new international guidelines and model templates for consumer medicine information and labelling. Join us.

Defining communication by its boundary

This is a paper about boundaries, edges, limits. It is a contribution to the ongoing debate about the status of communication. We explore the line between what is and what is not communication: the boundary of communication. It is part of a wider project to lay the foundations for communication as a discipline, to provide methodological coherence and rigour to the communication point of view.