Credibility lost: the banks:

Banks have lost credibility Unlike the expulsion from paradise, lost credibility is not a one-way trip, but the journey back for banks is arduous, full of trials and habitual [...]

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A statement of advice

Never ever trust Statements of Advice in their current incarnation. If you live in Australia, reports from the hearings by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry will have revealed some—but not all—of the reasons why today's SOA can't be trusted.

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I am a tax collector: taxation compliance costs

Meet the Elephant in the room of the current taxation debate: taxation compliance costsTaxation compliance costs—what you and I as individual taxpayers and businesses pay to comply with our obligations as taxpayers. This cost is a constant drain on the economy and massively reduces productivity. It's sometimes called 'red tape'.Yet despite successive governments' attempts to reduce red tape, they have failed to do anything but increase taxation compliance costs.

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TGA ignores consumer research

If the draft labelling regulations proposed by TGA are implemented without major change, medicine labelling will become unusable at an acceptable level by at least 50% of literate consumers..

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