Our Director’s Soap Box

Bad design by TGA

In Australia, where responsibility for government regulation of medicine information is in the hands of the Therapeautic Goods Administration (TGA) we are about to see bad design required by regulation.

Proposed guidelines for medicine labelling won’t work

Suddenly, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is an expert in typography and information design. The TGA has proposed a new set of guidelines for medicine labelling, to replace the evidence-based approach in TGO69A and the ASMI Code of Practice. If implemented, the new guidelines will result in more medication errors and a gradual deterioration of medicine labelling usability in Australia.

Juliet Seifert

A few days ago I was privileged and delighted to be invited to attend a dinner hosted by the Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) in honour of Juliet Seifert. Juliet […]

Tax and complexity

The old saying goes: nothing is more certain than death and taxes. In the contemporary Australian debate about taxation we can add that nothing is more certain than tax and […]

Credit card statements

At long last we publish the results for this study. I want to use this blog to thank, once again, our volunteer investigators who conducted the study.

Credit card statements

The preliminary data, from places as far away as South America, India, Europe and Australia is very challenging and will be of interest to banks, consumers, and regulators everywhere.

Regulating financial information for consumers

The current banking debacle would be funny if it wasn't hurting so many people. There is something slightly whacky about putting compulsive and highly competitive gamblers in charge of the money. Not surprisingly, the money has gone. It's tempting to demonise particular individuals or institutions, but that misses the point, the systemic reasons why we are all in the current mess. After all, you can’t blame the scum for rising to the top of the liquid.

Design innovation and transformation

I'm appalled by the various design gurus, academics and journalists who go on about design, innovation, and transformation; who talk endlessly about the value of design yet offer not a shred of evidence in support of their claims. They speak like investment bankers in a boom market.

Communicating climate change

In some societies, if you want to make something difficult happen, a witchdoctor performs a ceremony. Take rainmaking. The rainmaker makes complicated preparations, chants special words and […]

There are no wicked problems

It’s just life!

Isn’t the phrase ‘wicked problems’ a good one? Putting on my best streetwise accent, I can hear myself say “Wicked, man!” But things are not as they may […]

A long break

To the people who read this blog, an explanation for the long break is in order.

I returned last August from a fascinating overseas trip. As inevitable happens, I […]