Our research program

Behind all our work is a solid foundation of research and development work.

We draw on the existing research in communication and information design.

Our Corporate Members have generously allowed us to use their organisations as laboratories for testing our methods, innovations & designs.

We share our research findings with our members and the wider public, for the common good.

Our cumulative research findings

Our most important general finding is based on the cumulative evidence from over 200 projects in which we have researched, refined, and developed a suite of design methods and project management techniques for successful communication and information design.

Information design project method

Approximate percentage of literate people successfully using public documents

Unimproved paper or digital public document 40%
Improved with graphic design 50%
Improved with graphic design and plain language 60%
Improved with graphic design, plain language & testing 70%
Improved with CRI methods. Minimum percentage 81%