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This is a unique opportunity to participate in an important international research program, learn new design research skills, and share with other volunteers worldwide.

In recognition of your contribution we will give you a free CRI Membership for one year, after you complete your first volunteer assignment.

This Communication Benchmarks is the second international study of a document that is in widespread use around the world, and which has attracted considerable public attention: Credit Card Statements (CCS).

You will conduct a specific study of CCS in your location.

In it you will participate in:

  1. recruiting participants for the study
  2. preparing testing material
  3. conducting CRI diagnostic testing of an important public document
  4. recording participants responses
  5. sharing you findings with volunteers around the world
  6. help prepare the final report and presentation of the results.

Read the agreement and sign up below.

In our last international study…

All those involved in the last research study were volunteers. Eleven CRI Fellows and Subscribers from Australia, Austria, Chile, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, UK and USA gave freely of their time as investigators on the project, and they recruited other volunteers to participate in the study. The whole project was managed by Alex Tyers in Melbourne.

The full report was the result of their collective efforts and collaboration. Both the investigators and participants made an important contribution to our field.

The first Communication Benchmark study of CSS coincided with the General Financial Crisis. 10 Years on we want to revisit CCS to see what if any changes have occured.

This Agreement is governed by the laws in force in the State of Victoria, Australia.

We (CRI) and you agree to:

1. Confidential Information

We and you will both share confidential and private information from the start of this agreement.

At no time will any of this confidential information be made available to someone else or released without agreement between CRI and you.

This information includes:

  • your personal information
  • personal information of people you recruit to participate in CBIRP
  • the organisations whose communications are used in the CBIRP
  • digital files that we share with you as part of the CBIRP
  • data and digital files you produce as part of your voluntary activity.

We and you:

  • acknowledge that confidential information is commercially sensitive and valuable and that any unauthorised disclosure or use of it could give rise to considerable damage
  • will both promptly notify the other of any actual or potential disclosure or use of the confidential information
  • will both co-operate in any investigation or action taken about a confidentiality breach
  • will both comply with the Australia Privacy Act 1988.

2. We (CRI) agree to:

  • engage you as a volunteer in the CBIRP
  • grant you one year’s free Institute Membership and full Membership rights from the date of completion of your first testing assignment. This is our way of thanking you for your contribution to our research program.

2. I agree to:

participate as a volunteer in the CBIRP.

3. We promise:

  • to provide you with guidelines and digital data collection instruments for recruiting and conducting the CBIRP in your geographical location
  • to help you at all stages of the CBIRP to ensure that the procedures you follow and the data you collect is of the highest standard.

3. I promise:

to participate as a Volunteer in the CBIRP to a good and proper standard. This includes

  • politely inviting people to participate in the CBIRP
  • treating participants with the utmost respect throughout
  • respecting participant confidentiality
  • translating English into the local language
  • collecting verbatum data and observations of participant behaviour
  • translating CBIRP participants’ responses and your observations into English
  • returning the data to CRI by the due dates.

I also promise to:

  • respect the privacy of all people recruited and participating in the CBIRP
  • not pass on any personal information that would identify an individual participating in CBIRP to anyone, including CRI
  • not pass on any information about participants to a third party
  • not pass on the data from the testing to any third party
  • pass on only to CRI any data I collect from test participants as part of testing program
  • ensure that all equipment I use is safe for use, properly maintained and free of viruses or malware.

4. Expenses

We will reimburse you for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related to the CBIRP that have been pre-approved in writing, provided:
(a) you seek CRI’s prior written permission, and
(b) you give CRI a valid receipt for the expense.

5. Intellectual property

We will give you credit on the CRI website and CBIRP publications for your contribution to the CBIRP.

We are the legal and beneficial owner of all intellectual property including any copyrightable materials or works created in the CBIRP.

6. CRI Computer and Systems

CRI computers, electronic files, websites, online portals, software, email, and other systems (CRI Computers and Systems) are the property of CRI

We may restrict your access to CRI Computers and Systems at any time.

4. Expenses

CRI will reimburse me for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related to the CBIRP that have been pre-approved in writing, provided:
(a) I seek CRI’s prior written permission, and
(b) I give CRI a valid receipt for the expense.

5. Intellectual property

I will receive credit on the CRI website and CBIRP publications for my contribution to the CBIRP.

I give exclusive permission to CRI to use any materials produced in the CBIRP, including graphics materials, narratives, research, compilations, instructional texts, etc., all of which become the property of CRI upon submission.

I will not copy any of this material other than for my own use as a member of the CBIRP.

On completion of my testing assignment I will destroy all material in my possession related to the test.

If at any time during the study or a period of two years after the study is published by CRI, I undertake work for or on behalf of a client in the industry which was the subject of the Communication Benchmark, I will immediately notify CRI. I will seek permission from CRI to use its IP.  CRI will not unreasonably withhold such permission, providing that any CBIRP property used is duly acknowledged and paid for.

6. CRI Computer and Systems

CRI computers, electronic files, websites, online portals, software, email, and other systems, if made available to me, are only intended for use in the CBIRP for CRI’s purposes.

I will not use or copy CRI software in a way that may breach any licenses granted to CRI.

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