Without Standards, you have to tolerate:

  • forms you cannot complete
  • instructions you cannot follow
  • documents you cannot use
  • signposts that get you lost
  • websites you cannot use.

Our Standards are the result of:

  • 30+ years research
  • extensive stakeholder engagement
  • 1,000s of test results in print & digital contexts
  • support & advocacy by many.

We apply standards to:

  • forms
  • procedures
  • labels & instructions
  • bills, letters, & emails
  • legal & financial documents
  • websites
  • signposts

Use our Standards to:

  • improve everyday life for people to an acceptable standard

  • advocate for high standards of communication and information design

  • enhance outcomes in business and government for people.

Our Members use two sets of standards, and we show them how to use them.

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Standards: getting people’s attention
Standards: engaging people
Standards: how to use them

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Never tolerate information you cannot use.
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